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Submitted on
November 24, 2011
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temple of the spider god by fraterchaos temple of the spider god by fraterchaos
Mandelbulb 3D

this is a tweak of :iconcmdrchaos: 's amazing work, "A Symbiosis" (found at :[link] )

(I was going to call this "world weird web" but felt the title I chose sounded a bit better... don't steal my alternative title please, I might still use it on another piece :) )

I'm not entirely sure how I got this. i was fooling around with adding different formulas, and to see it better I clicked the scale button, not the view scale, but the image scale which I had never used before... when it scaled it, it also, somehow changed it from the single central image to this multiple, web-like, repeating structure... it looked pretty cool that way so I tweaked a bit and kept it.

Because :iconcmdrchaos: is a little miffed at people borrowing parameters and not linking back to the original artist or even mentioning them, he is not posting the parameters for his version, only sending them via note if requested. Therefore, I will do the same for this wok. If you want my version of the parameters, note me.

And a word on parameters tweaks: if you get parameters from another person's work, please remember to credit them and link back to the deviation you got the params from! If you forget, at least mention that you forgot and mention that if anyone recognizes it, to let you know and then ADD the proper link! People work HARD on these things, and they deserve credit when another artist takes advantage of their efforts.

If I find someone using my parametes without crediting me... that person will no longer be receiving my parameters... because the first time I detect such a thing, I'll stop posting parameters and you'll have to note me for all parameters. I won't be doing that yet, as so far, I have not caught anyone using mine without credit... I did it this time in support of my friend CMDRCHAOS

Just remember: LINK BACK TO THE ORIGINAL!!!!

Copyright Policy

This art belongs to Charles Kunkle Jr. aka fraterchaos
This art CANNOT be copied, linked, or otherwise used for ANY purpose without my express permission!

ANY use of this art without permission is a violation of my copyrights and policy.

If you wish to link, copy, or otherwise use this art, please ASK. I might grant your request, on a case by case basis.

Not asking before use WILL result in the fullest possible legal reprisals!

Thanks for any and all favs in advance, as I may not be able to thank everyone individually. If you really want a personal response, try leaving a comment, as I do try to reply to all comments if possible.
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WoW! I'm surprised I missed this one! Great tweak! :handshake: Thanks for posting the blog about using OP's parameters without a link back or a MENTION! I'm not the only artist that has experienced this, but You are the only artist that has posted, what should be a common courtesy in the DA realm! I have gotten over being "PO'd" about this and have found out another way to detect people using my or other artists parameters. I saw what :iconlen1: did once and have followed this regime! If interested, please note me and I shall let you know! I have had 3 requests now and it seems to work! It's not 100% fail safe but, If you aren't really observant using my params or ???, and if I or they catch ya, We'll just start posting "Parameters on request" again!
And you may have already figured this out! Again, you may hide comment this if you like!
fraterchaos Dec 13, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
hmmm... ok, I'm slightly confused... did I publish a blog or journal about using parameters without credits? I suppose I probably mentioned is someplace, but didn't think I'd made that much mention of it.

I do consider it only common courtesy to post where you got your parameters, of course. In fact, there are times when I start out from scratch just because I don't feel like looking up the links to credit... LOL

I would be very interested in the info about detecting use of my params without credit. Send a note when you have time.

And thanks for all the great feedback my friend :)
Well not a blog (sorry), but look at the comment above to see what I meant on your "Temple of the spider God" about Me, :iconcmdrchaos: being Miffed! Sorry about the confusion! I spaced out as to whose Params I used for this [link] But when I found out who's, I linked back to them! Forgive me, as I had an accident about a week ago and Vicodin is my friend for now! :lol:
fraterchaos Dec 13, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
its ok, not a problem... I was just not sure about what you meant as I didn't remember blogging about it.

Vicodin huh... yow! that will do it alright :)
Guess I should have said "your Comment", not blog....Yeah! Vicodin and tequila will do a body right! :lmao:
fraterchaos Dec 13, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
lol, no problem... sounds like somebody is enjoying themselves :)
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